Caturra Coffee Discovery to Epic Global Recognition

Caturra coffee discovery

Let’s dive into a brief history about the Caturra coffee discovery. A flavor-packed gem in the coffee variety. So, imagine it’s the early 20th century in Brazil, and coffee aficionados are on the hunt for something extraordinary. They stumble upon a natural mutation in the Bourbon coffee variety, and voilà, Caturra is born!

Caturra coffee discovery: A flavor-packed gem in the coffee variety

Now, what makes Caturra coffee so special? Well, apart from its adorable stature – it’s like the pocket-sized superhero of coffee plants – it’s got this flavor profile that’s, for lack of a better word, divine. Picture bright acidity, clean crispness, and notes that dance between citrus and floral tones. It’s like a coffee symphony in your cup.

After its debut in Brazil, Caturra wasn’t one to stay put. It’s like the rock-star of coffee varieties, jetting off to coffee-producing regions worldwide. From the hills of Colombia to the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, Caturra decided to showcase its talents globally. And let me tell you, it’s like the coffee plant version of a world tour – each region adding its unique twist to Caturra’s flavor party.

So, here we are, sipping on our Caturra-infused brews, and it’s like taking a trip through coffee history. The discovery in Brazil was just the beginning; Caturra’s journey is still unfolding, one flavorful cup at a time. Cheers to the little coffee bean that could!

Remember to stay caffeinated my friends!

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