What is Caturra Coffee Variety?

Caturra coffee variety

Caturra Origin

Caturra variety coffee originated as a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety in Brazil. It was discovered in the early 20th century and has since become one of the most cultivated Arabica coffee varieties.

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Size and Characteristics

Caturra plants are known for their shorter stature compared to other coffee varieties. This compact size makes them well-suited for locations with limited space, and it facilitates easier harvesting. The leaves are broad, and the cherries, while smaller than some other varieties, are dense and pack a flavorful punch.

Caturra Flavor Profile

Caturra coffees are often praised for their bright acidity and a clean, crisp cup profile. The flavor profile can include notes of citrus, floral tones, and a mild sweetness. The coffee is generally well-balanced and can exhibit a good body, making it a favorite among those who appreciate nuanced flavors.

Growing Regions

Caturra plants thrive in various coffee-producing regions around the world. You can find Caturra coffee in countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and others. The altitude and climate of these regions contribute to the unique characteristics of Caturra beans.

Harvesting and Processing

Caturra cherries ripen relatively early, making them easier to harvest. This early maturation also allows for more flexibility in harvesting schedules. The beans are typically processed through methods like washed or natural, with each method influencing the final flavor profile.

Versatility in Brewing

Caturra beans are versatile and can be used for various brewing methods. Whether you prefer a classic drip coffee, a pour-over, espresso, or other methods, Caturra beans showcase their flavors well and can adapt to different preferences.

Caturra specialty Coffee Recognition

Caturra has gained recognition in the specialty coffee industry for its exceptional cup quality. Coffee enthusiasts often seek out Caturra beans to experience the bright acidity, nuanced flavors, and well-balanced characteristics that this variety offers.

As you explore the world of coffee, trying a cup brewed from Caturra beans can be a delightful experience. Its unique characteristics make it a favorite among those who enjoy nuanced and flavorful coffees. Consider exploring different Caturra offerings from various regions to appreciate the diversity this variety brings to the coffee cup.

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